The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

A new year means pretty much the same to most people – a new you. With loads of new year’s resolutions that you have to draw up and try to stick to. Most people drop off the wagon as little as a week after the 1st of January. Let’s set some reasonable new year’s resolutions for ourselves for a change? Here’s one we can all aim to keep to with little effort! Let’s try to read as much as possible and enlighten ourselves about all the latest in health and healthcare.

This resolution seems pretty reasonable, especially seeing that we’ve gone and found 5 of the very best health and healthcare blogs out there for you to start following. These blogs range in more healthcare specific orientation, to those that focus on health and fitness. We are sure you are going to be pretty amped about these blogs we’re about to share with you.

Keeping up with what is happening in the industry can be trying, with so many bloggers and healthcare specialists out there, it may become difficult to keep up with which ones are actually reliable sources to follow. If you, however, stick with our list of recommended blogs to follow, you should be fine. Let’s see who they are.

1. WebMD
WebMD - The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

We’re putting WebMD at the top because this is probably one of the most famous healthcare sites on the internet today. Whether you want to find a balanced diet, or need to check on what your symptoms can be, WebMD is packed with useful tools and employs some of healthcare’s top professionals.

2. DocThinx
DocThinx - The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

On his blog and website, Suneel Dhand shares his real-life experiences and thoughts. An experienced frontline hospital doctor and writer and author, Suneel shares his thoughts and real-time issues in hospitals today and the healthcare industry overall. He is an advocate for the betterment of frontline hospital care. Get behind the scenes insights on matters that are interest points such as communication skills and how it is implemented in the hospital.

3. Avocadu
Avocadu - The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

If you haven’t heard about Avocadu before, you’d better start following this blog today. The blog’s tagline ‘Healthy, inside and out’ says it all. On this blog spoil yourself with all the latest in healthy, scrumptious meal recipes, information and articles on weight loss, healthy living, and yoga to name a few. The fitness duo, Alex, and Lauren are also responsible for the compilation of the ever popular 21-day challenge. For all the latest developments in weight loss and healthy living, you have to follow this amazing blog.

4. Mind Body Green (MBG)
Mind Body Green - The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

This amazing blog is chock full of helpful information with regards to mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being, or as they put it, they employ a 360 degree take on everything health related. MBG is a fantastic content source with free guides and articles covering mindfulness, health, relationships, lifestyle, you name it, they cover it. Make MBG your go-to source for all your health and healthcare needs. Apart from Akacia Healthcare, of course!

5. Hungry Healthy Happy
Hungry Healthy Happy - The 5 Very Best Healthcare Blogs you have to start following in 2018

On this blog, you will find everything from yummy healthy recipes, too easy garden DIY projects. Yes, this powerful duo’s mission is to help readers fulfill their ultimate need to be happy and achieving this happiness by living a healthy and balanced life. And they don’t focus on diets and grueling exercise either, living a healthy life means to watch what you are consuming, it doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Danni, the co-author of the blog, posts her famous recipes, while Dave is in charge of cake recipes and sharing his handy DIY tips on gardening.

Are you ready to start the new year with a skip in your step and a sparkle in your smile? We sure are! We hope this piece got you amped to start reading all these fantastic blogs and help you in achieving ultimate balance, health, and happiness in 2018.

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