Write for Us

We encourage members of our audience to become active participants in the healthcare conversations we have at Akacia Healthcare. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a professional writer with a unique way of looking at things, we’d love to hear from you.


Here’s a short list of pre-approved topics and themes we will consider for publication:


  • Body (Food, Fitness, Diets)
  • Mind (Relationships, Balance)
  • Medicine (Reviews, Tips)


Please note that all submitted articles will go through a review process to be approved by our editors. If your work does not comply with our standards, we will let you know. To ensure you submit work that will be considered for publishing, we’ve compiled this list of things to keep in mind before hitting the submit button.


  1. General article length should be between 750-1 500 words per article.
  2. All work submitted to Akacia Healthcare must be checked and free of all errors.
  3. Submitted work will be checked to ensure it is free from duplicate content and there are no traces of plagiarism.
  4. Work submitted to Akacia Healthcare should be unique and informative – readers should be engaged and find content helpful in a way that no other platform would cover a topic as thoroughly.
  5. Use the topics and themes discussed above as a general guide of what you could write about for your submission.


Once you have an article that is ready to be submitted, send it via snail mail to 92 Foregate Street, COEDCAE, NP4 6LJ. We wish you all the best and cannot wait to receive your submission.